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We have awarded nearly 100 talented filmmakers in the first half of our 2019 season.   Our award-winning directors have created some of the best independent horror short and feature films in the world...​
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Welcome to the Spotlight Horror Film Awards

The Spo​tlight Horror Film Awards will be held January 11, 2020 at the Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.  We dedicated to promoting experienced and new filmmakers of the horror genre through a unique and important international film competition. We are searching the globe for the best horror, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, animations, experimentals, and much more.

The Spotlight Horror Film Awards values each film based upon it's artistic merit alone. We publicize our award-winning films through social media platforms, various websites, press releases, and email campaigns to industry leaders, film festival organizers, and more. Our award-winning filmmakers get the recognition they deserve, and can have a better success rate on the sometimes arduous journey through the festival circuit. 

Our organization is composed of industry professionals: filmmakers, independent film consultants, film festival organizers,  festival programmers and judges who have been in the business nearly 20 years, and share a passion for independent film.  Our team  has evaluated and judged more than 25,000 independent films from directors and producers just like you. Many of the films were spectacular, and some needed a little tweaking, but they were all magically created with the unwavering spirit of the true independent filmmaker.

The Spotlight Horror Film Awards is a must for filmmakers of the horror genre who are searching for someone who can give their short films the undivided attention they deserve. We can now shine the spotlight on an unlimited amount of talented filmmakers from around the world, and celebrate the art and beauty of filmmaking.

​Our awards are announced in June and December. Filmmakers with short and feature films of all genres are encouraged to enter the Spotlight Horror Film Awards. Our Platinum award winning films will be presented during the Spotlight Film Awards.

The Spotlight Film Awards presents three unique independent film competitions designed for every genre of film 

Hi-resolution digital downloads of Spotlight Horror Film Awards winning laurels.

A personalized Certificate of Excellence in Filmmaking announcing your award.

Emails, social media posts, and press-releases to our extensive database of industry professionals with announcements of your award.

Links from our website, and our sister websites, to your film website, film trailer, and / or sales of your film online.

Filmmaker Spotlight with directors bio, photo, and links to chosen websites

All Platinum Award Winners will be invited to screen at the Spotlight Film Awards in January. Find out more...

Platinum Awards: ​celebrate truly remarkable films with the highest scores from our panel.. These films will screen in January at the Spotlight Film Awards.

Gold Awards: celebrate incredible films with the second highest scores from our panel.

Silver Awards: awarded to unforgettable films with the third highest scores from our panel.

Bronze Awards: awarded to films with high artistic achievement with the fourth highest scores from our panel.

First Time Filmmaker Awards of Excellence:  first time filmmakers who have created the top films will receive Awards of Excellence.

No Award: Films not receiving an award will be given important and honest feedback from our organization upon request. We know the amount of hard-work it takes to make independent films. This feedback could be essential in getting your film out there for the world to see.

Awards will be announced every year in June and December, with. The total number of films awarded depend on the number of entries received.