Horror Film Awards


We are dedicated to spotlighting talented film and video artists of every experience level who make incredible horror films. We know just one award or one piece of critical feedback are all many films need to set them in motion  in the festival circuit. Find out more 


The Spotlight Horror Film Awards commemorates and promotes talented filmmakers of all experience levels through our unique global horror film competition. 

We know the film festival circuit first-hand, and our selection committee is dedicated to creating a platform for your film to gain the attention it deserves. 

Join us January 11, 2020 as we present the top rated films of 2019 at the Spotlight Film Awards held at Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Spo​tlight Horror Film Awards promotes our Award-Winning Filmmakers and their films by shining the spotlight on their incredible talent. Meet our Award-Winning  Filmmakers in the Spotlight

Welcome to the Spotlight on Horror!

Join us Saturday, January 11, 2020 at the Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia as we present the top independent films of the year. 




Our award-winning, talented filmmakers have created some of the best independent horror films in the world. See who won awards in 2019.

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Submit your horror film for consideration in the next Spotlight Horror Film Awards and step into the Spotlight..